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Social Media for Pastors' Wives

When I joined Facebook in 2008, it looked nothing like it does today. Anyone remember those days? I joined because a friend was moving out of state and she said it was a good way to stay in touch. Little did I know how Facebook and other social media platforms would (dare I say) change my life.

Social media has changed a lot since those early days. The way people use it looks drastically different! If you’re like me, you probably have days where you want to delete all your accounts and . . . well, I don’t even know what I’d do without social media. I would certainly have a lot more free time!

For me, social media has been MOSTLY a positive addition to my life. I get to see pictures of friends and family, I get to virtually go on vacation with friends. I can stay connected to people that I don’t see every day. I have gained new friends. I’ve found support and encouragement from the many Facebook groups that I’ve joined. Without social media, I wouldn’t have a podcast or this website.

As a Christian, I believe I have a responsibility to declare the gospel, to be a light-bearer, exposing the darkness to the glorious light of Christ. I am uniquely called to showcase His grace. And social media is one of the ways I can do just that.


To let people get to know me. Our church runs about 375 people each week. It is hard to connect with each person individually. But through Facebook, people can peek into my life, see my family, and that we are pretty normal. I post pictures of our family life. I post pictures of me in public after I’ve realized my shirt is on inside-out (Multiple times. Sigh.) I post about what God is showing me in His Word. I share songs that are rocking my world. I don’t mind making fun of myself when I do dumb things or use to much volumizer in my hair. (And then another pastor in town steals that photo, adds graphics, and uses it on his Facebook page. True story. See below.)

To build a bond with people. My social media posts have opened up the door to real-life conversations. I confess, I’m not very good at small talk, but it’s easy when someone starts a conversation based on something they saw on Facebook or Instagram. And this works both ways. It helps me get to know the people in my church. One simple comment can lead to a new understanding of someone and there is a bond created in sharing experiences.

To share what God is doing. One of my goals is to share what it looks like to live life with Jesus. I share thoughts from what I’m reading in the Word and links to articles that have impacted me. I want to show others who God is – that He is good and faithful. Sometimes I feel led to post something and then someone will comment, “I needed to hear that today.”

3 Ways I Do Not Use Social Media

To rant and rave. Sometimes social media wears me out. So much negativity! So many people on soapboxes. I cringe when I see posts spouting off in the name of God. Some people who follow me will never know me in real life and this is their only window into who I am. Do people know me as a follower of Jesus? Or do they know me for my political opinions? Do they see me express grace and mercy? Or do they know how much I can’t stand the service at my grocery story (or drivers on my commute, or the postal service, etc.)

To bash my husband and family. Oh believe me – there are times when I want to post snarky things about my husband or kids. But I absolutely will not do it.

To be a Debbie Downer. We all know that person whose life, according to their social media, is absolutely the worst. They always feel terrible. Their kids never sleep. They can’t get a break. And very often, these people are known to be Christians! I want people to know that Jesus makes a difference in my life. I want people to know that you can face sickness and scary situations with faith. I want people to see that my faith is real and that God is who He says He is and I actually believe it.

I believe that we can use social media to cultivate an interest in the kingdom of God. I believe that it can open a door into people’s lives and give us the opportunity to serve them and care for them and speak life to them. I want to be a force for good in a platform that is full of the not-so-good and I’m grateful that we have this powerful tool in our hands.

Do you have a social media strategy? Share with us in the comments below how you use social media to shed light into a broken world.

Jacque Garner is a podcaster and blogger with a heart to encourage and inspire pastors' wives. With over 30 years experience being married to a pastor, she understands the joys and challenges that come with this unique calling. She believes that pastors' wives can embrace with joy whatever and wherever ministry takes them as they lean into God, abide in His Word, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them by the hand. Jacque is a mom to 4 amazing kids, a mother-in-love to 3, and Gigi to 7 practically perfect grandkids.