Thank you for your interest in theThe Pastor Wife Life Podcast!

My vision for the The Pastor Wife Life podcast is to encourage and inspire those of us living the pastor wife life.

One of the biggest things I want to emphasize in the podcast is that God is good and faithful and able. I know ministry is not all fun and games and there are many struggles that we face as ministry wives. I want us to feel free to be real and transparent, but at the same time always bringing it back to how good God is.

What is on your heart right now? What has God shown you that could encourage others? What are you passionate about? These are great questions to help us narrow down the topic for the episode.

Through surveys and emails, pastors’ wives, have shared their questions and struggles with me. Check out this page and keep these issues in mind as we prepare for the podcast.

Want to schedule a time to be on the podcast? Click HERE for more information!

Already scheduled for a podcast but want to know what to expect? Read on!

What can you expect? My goal is to keep the podcast to no longer than 45 minutes. Plus time for us to chat before and after we record.

Is this audio or video? YES! But . . . I only publish the audio version, but we will record a video via Zoom. The dynamics of face-to-face recording make for a much more natural conversation! But feel free to wear your pjs and don’t worry about makeup and hair! (You can always do like I do and wear a decent top . . . and pj bottoms.)

What will we talk about? Each conversation will be as unique as the guest. Before the podcast we will discuss any areas that you are particularly passionate about so we can decide which direction we will take.

What do I need from you?  A photo of you and/or your family. If you are discussing a particular area of ministry and have photos to go with that, I’ll take those as well! Your church or ministry information (name, website, Facebook). Any of the social media outlets that you are comfortable with sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc.) Links to resources that you mention.

What do you need to know about the actual interview? Choose as quiet of a setting as possible. Using your earphones that are equipped with a microphone (like the standard iPhone earphones) will cut down on feedback and background noise.

Again, thank you for being willing to share your heart with other pastors’ wives! You ARE making a difference! Your thoughts and experiences are so valuable to the PW community!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!