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Back when I first married, there weren’t a lot of resources or pastors’ wives. I am a reader. I love books. I wanted so badly to learn more about being a pastor’s wife, but the offerings were slim.

I’m so thankful that today there are resources available to pastors’ wives. From conferences, to podcasts (hey, I know a really good one!), to blogs, to books, it’s much easier to find the encouragement and inspiration you’re looking for.

Here are five books that I wish I had back in 1989. They will encourage you and challenge you and inspire you to grow in the pastor wife life.

1. How To Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife – Christine Hoover


As soon as I heard about this new book from Christine Hoover I went straight over to Amazon and pre-ordered it. It was MONTHS before the publish date and I couldn’t wait! One day I received an email from the publisher of the book asking me if I’d like to receive an advance copy of the book AND would I be interested in having her on the podcast. Ummmm . . . let me pray about it . . . YESSSSSSS! (We will be going live in the Facebook group on Tuesday, March 1st!)

How To Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife is the book I needed 32 years ago. It is a comprehensive guide to the pastor wife life. Some of the topics that Christine covers:

  • Knowing when to say yes and when to say no
  • Dealing with bitterness
  • Cultivating friendships
  • Church hurt
  • Enduring in ministry

There is just so much meat in this book. I love how practical it is. If I was teaching a class for pastors’ wives, this would be the textbook. It’s just so good!

2. The Pastor’s Wife – Gloria Furman


Gloria Furman has so much wisdom. This small but mighty book for pastors’ wives constantly points back to the gospel and I love that about it. At just 160 pages, it’s a short read, but it provides so much food for thought.

This is one that I will return to again and again. I love her heart for pastors’ wives and her encouraging words remind me how precious my role as the pastor’s wife truly is.

You can tell just from the title that Lisa McKay has a sense of humor. This was one of the first pastor wife books I bought and still one of my favorites. 

Lisa is the real deal. Reading this book is like a sitting down with a friend over coffee (or a Diet Coke!) and sharing stories about the pastor wife life. Lisa’s approach is one that takes seriously the role of the pastor’s wife while at the same makes you laugh. 

This “unlikely preacher’s wife” weaves biblical truth and personal stories together in the best way. And there are questions after each chapter to help you process your thoughts – one of my favorite things about it!

This book is not just a good one to buy for yourself, it is a perfect gift to give for a couple who is stepping into pastoral ministry. The Pastor’s Family is written for pastoral couples by a husband and wife who know what they’re talking about.

Navigating parenthood is not easy for any parent, but parenting while in pastoral ministry is a whole other level! This book will guide you through the challenges and joys of leading your children while also leading ministry.

I love how The Pastor’s Family offers perspectives from both the husband and wife and provides discussion questions that will spark some great dialogue between pastors and their wives.

5. Sacred Privilege – Kay Warren

This was another book I could hardly wait to be released! And I was not disappointed. Kay Warren is such a cheerleader for pastors’ wives! 

Sacred Privilege hits on all the important areas of the pastor wife life. Kay speaks from her years of experience and I appreciate so much her words of encouragement.  And I have to admit, it’s interesting to peek into the life of a well-known pastor!

This is a must-have book for pastors’ wives of every age and season!

So those are some of my favorites. Do you have one? Have you read any of these or is there one you want to add? Let me know in the comments!

Jacque Garner is a podcaster and blogger with a heart to encourage and inspire pastors' wives. With over 30 years experience being married to a pastor, she understands the joys and challenges that come with this unique calling. She believes that pastors' wives can embrace with joy whatever and wherever ministry takes them as they lean into God, abide in His Word, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them by the hand. Jacque is a mom to 4 amazing kids, a mother-in-love to 3, and Gigi to 7 practically perfect grandkids.