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We are experiencing an unprecedented (at least in our lifetime) event as this episode goes live. As pastors’ wives, we are stepping into a whole new arena of ministry and as a popular meme says, “and just like that, we were all televangelists.”

We are learning more than ever before that the Church is not a building and we are finding new ways to connect with our people. The creativity of Church Creatives around the world has lit up the Facebook groups I’m in and I wanted to share a few ideas on how we can continue to minister in this crazy season!

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but I asked the ladies in the Pastor Wife Life Facebook group how they are connecting with their people and communities and I’ve compiled some of these answers right here.

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Ministering in the Time of COVID-19

1. Provide lunches for healthcare employees. (Andrea Z.)

2. Send out a daily text with a prayer focus for the day. (Julie M.)

3. Create a private Facebook group for your church family. (Julie M.)

4. Feeding kids in the local community. (Julie M.)

5. Feeding parents at the local children’s hospital. (Julie M.)

6. Zoom Meetings (Nicole C.) Zoom is a video conferencing app that allows you to meet virtually and it’s a fun way to connect. People are leading Sunday School classes, Bible studies, small groups, youth gatherings, discipleship, etc. The possibilities are endless!

7. Phone calls. Yes! Actual phone calls. (This is way out of my comfort zone, but I’m making myself do it!) A lot of our older members aren’t comfortable texting and some don’t do social media at all so a phone call to them means so much! We divided our church directory between the staff and leadership and are all making phone calls to our congregation.

8. Post Bible stories and lessons for kids. Many churches are posting quick videos from their children’s pastor or directors. LifeChurch has a ton of free resources available. Other companies have waived their copyright restrictions to those who have purchased their curriculum.

9. Provide a packet for kids with worksheets, crafts, and other things to go along with the video lessons. Drop them off at homes.

10. Coronavirus Caroling. One of our members, Jenna, posted “this past Saturday, myself and a few other ladies went ‘coronavirus caroling’. We drove separately to people’s homes from our church family and sang hymns to them from their yards (a responsible distance apart). I can’t tell you how many people stood on their porches in tears singing with us. It was very moving.’

11. Post a video devotional from your staff. Our church is doing this. We are rotating through the staff and posting a 5-minute video with an encouraging word from Scripture.

12. Create a YouTube playlist of songs that focus on faith and the goodness of God.

13. Create a Spotify playlist of songs that focus on faith and the goodness of God.

14. Post a daily Bible Break with a specific chapter/passage to read and ask a few questions to help people dive into the Word.

15. Post a live worship set from your worship leader.

BONUS: Join the Facebook Group Church Communications for a wealth of ideas and practical how-tos.


  1. Stay in the Word.
  2. Keep a prayer journal and pray-cess all your emotions with God. He’s big enough to handle your fear, doubt, anger, frustration, and bring you comfort, peace, while aligning your heart with His.
  3. Have praise and worship playing 24/7 somewhere in your house.
  4. Drink a lot of water.
  5. Light exercise every day.
  6. Limit exposure to the news and social media.
  7. For better sleep, turn off all screens by 7pm.
  8. Declutter/organize something every day.
  9. Get crafty.
  10. Connect with people through phone calls, texts, Facetime, etc.
  11. Take a shower.
  12. Get dressed.

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